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Cuvee Amor III
Napa Valley Blend

Cuvee Amor III

We are thrilled to share our 3rd release of Cuvee Amor. The Cuvee Amor is a luscious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and a touch of Syrah ... aged in French Oak for 24 months.  Our Cuvee Amors are non-vintage as we blend the finest varietals of two vintage to create an opulent blend. 

Winemaker Note: Opulent aromas of blackberry and black cherry fruit ...notes of anise, earth and toasty oak. Velvety textured flavors of blackberry and sweet spice coat the palate, finishing sumptuous and full bodied. 

60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Malbec, 10 % Syrah |  8 Barrels Produced | 30 Months on French Oak | Enjoy 2021 – 2028 



1) Tilt bottle (to 90 degrees) and place the (1/2 inch) wax top under hot tap water for approximately 45 seconds to soften wax. Immediately use a knife to cut wax off the top exposing the cork and then simply open.

2) Place the top of your bottle in the middle of your palm, gently twist back and forth to warm the wax, approximately 20 turns total. This will soften up the wax, allowing your corkscrew to easily pierce the center. Take the tip of your corkscrew, place directly in the center of the wax, twist down through the wax and cork, pull

up your cork, it will easily pop straight through the wax. (we like to pull up 1/2 way and clean wax from the rim of the top, so no wax enters the bottle)

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