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Charles Hendricks

Winemaker & Owner

With extensive experience spanning both Napa and Sonoma Counties, Charles has immersed himself in every facet of winemaking, cultivating hands-on expertise over the years.

Renowned for his unwavering commitment to excellence, he has forged a robust reputation within the industry. Serving as a consulting winemaker for exclusive wineries like Viader, Barnett Vineyards, Paoletti Vineyards, Kuleto, and Regusci Winery to name a few ...  Charles has cultivated enduring relationships with some of the industry's foremost producers. Leveraging these valuable connections, he meticulously selects the finest fruit for hope & grace wines.

Currently, Charles directs his undivided attention to hope & grace wines. Yountville has become his home, where he indulges in the rich tapestry of culinary and winery life.

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