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2013 hope & grace Lagrein, Paso Robles

2013 hope & grace Lagrein, Paso Robles

A new and sumptuous wine varietal that you've probably never heard of...As we thought this wine was special, we bring you, the food and wine adventurer, this unique experience of an old world varietal in a new world style.

This deeply colored, medium-bodied Tyrolean red wine has for centuries straddled the boundaries of Northern Italy and Southern Austria. Lagrein is perfectly suited for lunch or rustic fare. Not overly fruity but couched in spice and savory aromas, with a compelling and intriguing allure. This delicious and rare wine is part of our "Food & Wine Adventurers Series".

Winemaker Notes: Aromas of rose, cedar and white pepper enveloped in candied cherry, with a faint appearance of a anise and oak spice. Vibrant acidity keeps the fruitful aftertaste resonating for a long time. A beautiful medium bodied and balanced table wine.

100% Lagrein | 12 Months on French Oak |   24 Barrels Produced

Cheese Pairing: Prima Donna Gouda Cheese | Cow's Milk | Holland
Culinary Cohorts:   Wild Boar | Roasted Pork Tenderloin | Braised Meat

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